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About the VSG

As a group, vultures and condors have suffered serious declines in many parts of the world and at the same time they play an important role in the ecosystems where they occur.
Through our members, the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group is dedicated to making a significant and positive impact on Accipitrid and Cathartid vultures.
Our efforts are driven by this central aim, and there are a number of strategies used to achieve this. Learn more about our initiatives and get involved yourself.

VSG Roundup

Updates and Annual reports

The semi-annual update newsletter from the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group. Sent directly to VSG Members and registered recipients.

VSG Annual reports are in here.

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The Journal of the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group

The journal has been published since 1979 and is a venue for research, news, information and reports on vultures in all parts of the word where they occur.

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Position Statements

Information on topics relevant to vultures

The Vulture Specialist Group is made up of over 100 vulture biologists, conservationists and related experts. From time to time the VSG produces statements on topics relevant to vultures and their conservation, based on the best available information and evidence


Guide and Manuals

VSG resources for research and conservation

Outputs from workshops, practical guides and proceedings

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